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When Will I Feel Better?

When Will I Feel Better?

Probably the question you’d the most often ask during your recovery from anxiety disorder and panic attacks. “When will I feel better?”

“In how long will I finally be good? When will I once again normally live? How long should I wait?”

Although you have changed your view of things and you have a new approach to your condition. You should realize that your symptoms will be staying for a certain time period.

You must be ready to accept that fact. Your nerves will continue to secrete adrenaline in increasing amounts. This will happen even if you accept a new perspective on things.

There is a case that is common for many people and that is when after talking to a psychiatrist or psychologist or any other professional person about their condition, people feel much better. Some even think that the torment finally came to an end and that they finally got cured.

Do not fall into this trap.

The next day you will see that everything is not what it looks like. I repeat – there is no quick way to get better overnight.

By understanding the nature of your condition and your true desire for absolute acceptance and letting time do the work, you will be cured, be sure of that.

Your goal is calm acceptance of what is happening.

Without any reference to how long you have been sick or even in after how much time you will finally be healthy.

I totally understand how you feel in the beginning when you decide to accept your condition.

You decided to mentally accept everything that happens to you, and although you have a new perspective on the whole thing. It is very likely that it will initially be very difficult to calmly accept whatever happens to you.

Do not be disappointed or discouraged at any time. Do not ever give up!

The beginning was enough to direct your mind to accept your symptoms and sensations. Over time it will be getting easier and easier to accept your symptoms.

It should also be noted that although in the beginning you do not want to be scared, you might still have some fear. Do not be discouraged if you are still in the beginning adding additional fear to the first fear.

Only if you understand the nature of your condition and what it takes to cure, then you are on the right path to curing and recovery!

So this way you have made the first step to curing. There is no return to where you were. It is enough to initially just want to not be afraid.

Once you decide to accept all the strange sensations, although you are still scared, over time you will lose that fear. And you will be less and less scared.

This is because your absolute acceptance is releasing some tension and thus gradually reducing the intensity of your symptoms.

In this way your hope is getting returned. Slowly but surely your self-confidence grows. Fear is more and more reduced.

You have to be occupied with something during your recovery.

However, I draw your attention that you must not seek to force something just to be occupied and thus forget yourself. Do not do it.

You need to find a hobby which you enjoy. Something you are really interested in doing. The occupation is important because it diverts your thoughts to the outside world. You are no longer obsessed with just yourself and your situation. But you are beginning to turn your thoughts to other and more beautiful things around you.

While you are occupied with a hobby, your symptoms will continue to come back. However it will be easier to accept and float with them.

Because you will be partly absorbed in your occupation, and perhaps even totally forget about your symptoms!

With a good diet, moderate physical activity and work on the acceptance of symptoms from day to day, it is possible for a person to fully recover within 2 or 3 months from the beginning of a change of view.

Understand that this is not an absolute determinant; some people will need more, some less.

How much time you will need, it does not matter. It is essential that you will eventually come out as a winner.

What you fear is more and more reduced, and self-esteem is more and more growing. Slowly but surely you will start to lose interest in your symptoms.

At times you will start to forget about them and your situation. Later on these moments turn into hours, and you will start to forget about your condition for longer and longer periods of time.

You will begin more and more to be interested in the outside world, in the beautiful things that interest you. Then you can say to yourself that you are on the right track to recovery.

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