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The Difference Between a Therapist and a Motivational Speaker

The Difference Between a Therapist and a Motivational Speaker

In this article I want to show you some of the differences between a therapist and a motivational speaker. I think it is very important to know this difference.

People usually think that motivational speakers can help them. Well this can be true, but it is not the best solution to their problems. Therapist actually works to help you.

1. A therapist talks to you directly.

He listens to you and you listen to him. A therapist doesn’t care about you being impressed by him while the motivational speaker does.

A motivational speaker already has everything that he wants to say prepared in advance such as stories everyone can identify with.

There is no audience in therapy.

2. A therapist works with you.

When a therapist sees the problem, he works with you in order to solve it.

On the other hand the motivational speaker doesn’t know your specific problem. He just does his speech and you either find yourself in it or not.

Motivational speakers always talk to a group of people even though it feels like they talk to you directly. They are focused on the audience as a whole and not only on you.

3. A therapist lives to help you.

It is therapist’s job to solve your problem. He takes his job seriously and wants to help you with any issue that you may have. It is just him and you during a session.

A motivational speaker lives to get praised by people so they could promote themselves. It is all about presenting a good speech that can get praised. Some of the people in the audience may actually find the speech helpful.

However not all of them will. The motivational speaker doesn’t care if he failed to help you specifically.

4. A therapist’s goal is to cure you.

This also has to do with the fact that it is a therapist’s job to cure you.

But a motivational speaker is more of an actor who has learned how to talk good. The speeches are carefully crafted to make you feel good while listening. But later your life returns to how it used to be.

5. A therapist is somewhat also a motivational speaker.

A therapist is in a way also a motivational speaker but he’s also much more than that.

He will also try to motivate you and help you with goals in life. But it is only you he is focused on and is sincerely interested in helping you.

A motivational speaker is focused on his public image.

Which one of them do you trust more? It’s your choice.

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  1. There are so many google search back pocket pseudo intellectuals who find a niche and monetize a group of people with “promoting there best selves” rhetoric of the day. After its over they call their therapist for real help. Great article Thanks

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