Symptoms of Panic Attacks

If you ask people who have had a panic attack how they can describe this experience, I’m sure most people will describe it as an experience that something terrible is happening. For example, people have a feeling that they will immediately crash, that they will go insane, that they will die or that they will lose control of themselves and won’t know what they’ll be doing and so on…

A person experiencing a panic attack may have a number of psychosomatic symptoms. Keep in mind that it is always better when the person knows that what he/she is experiencing is a panic attack, but he/she usually doesn’t know when, for example, experiencing a panic attack for the first time.

During a panic attack a person can have any of the following symptoms:

• The need to escape somewhere as soon as possible
• Increased anxiety, severe anxiety
• Disturbed or blurred vision, dilated pupils
• Difficulty swallowing
• Flicker, jitter stomach
• Fainting, dizziness, vertigo
• Feeling like going insane
• Feeling as if the external world is changed or you modified in some way
• Feeling of choking
• Great discomfort
• Hot or cold waves over the body
• Impaired balance, feeling like not having a stable equilibrium
• Increased sweating
• Nausea
• Muscle tremors throughout the body
• Rapid heartbeat
• Rubber feet
• Skipping heart
• Shortness of breath
• Thoughts directed towards the worst possible outcome of the situation
• Tingling, numbness on the body especially the legs and arms
• Tremors of the whole body
• The sense of unreality – depersonalization and derealization
• The tension in the muscles, strained muscles

Keep in mind that you do not have to experience all of the listed symptoms during a panic attack. Also it is possible that during a panic attack a person can experience some symptoms that are not listed here.

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