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What is Relaxation


You’ve probably heard many times from others that you need to relax and you probably think so yourself as well. You know it very well and you kept trying to relax. But relaxation is not coming. Something is just not right.

You need to understand that relaxation can not be brought by force, relaxation comes only by itself.

The more you try to be relaxed the more relaxed you won’t be, right?

In order to achieve relaxation, you need to realize that it is not necessary to do anything about your current state in order to relax.

Relaxation means releasing everything that you keep trying to keep under control if I can say it that way. For example you may persistently try to hold everything regarding your current state under your control, but that is exactly what stops you from relaxing.

The same things apply as what I explained regarding how to cure anxiety disorder naturally.

For example If your hands are trembling, then let them tremble. Stop thinking that you have a certain responsibility for what is happening to you and that you need to do something about it in order to stop it.

Do not try to look normal if you currently don’t feel like that. Do not yearn for relaxation, it will come by itself! Just have that idea of relaxation always present in your mind.

Loosen up a bit. In other words, don’t be so afraid of your current state no matter how bad it may feel.

When you’re ready to let go and accept your tension and your current situation then that will relax your mind!

And when the mind is relaxed, the body will be relaxed as well.

Therefore you should not crave so much for relaxation. You only need to wait for it and it will come by itself.

Because it is little paradoxical to reach the relaxation when you violently try to do that.

Indulge yourself and let your body find the best way to relax, because your body knows it best!

Exactly then when you stop trying and give up the battle and when you realize that there is no battle, then you can truly relax and maybe experience the real feeling of relaxation that you did not experience for a long time.

Remember. What really matters is your mental attitude towards your situation, your attitude towards tension.

When you accept all of that with your mind and stop being so afraid of it, then the relaxation will come.

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