Proper posture

Most people ignore the proper posture and later in life they feel the negative consequences, they often have back pain and neck pain afterwards.

If a person that suffers from anxiety has improper posture, it can have a very strong effect on anxiety symptoms. If you establish proper breathing, anxiety strength will be reduced.

Proper posture has a very strong influence on breathing. Anxiety and depression can cause a person to occupy a defensive position, for example to subconsciously feel that he/she must be protected from some danger. Like a frightened hedgehog who curls up into a ball to protect his soft vulnerable abdomen. That’s what we do when we are anxious or depressed, we tend to sit with crossed arms and legs close to the body and shoulders bent at the waist.

This position is normally occupied unconsciously, but it is extremely unhealthy because it presses internal organs including the heart and lungs which further weakens the circulation and causes pain in the muscles, nerves and tendons.

If you recognize yourself in this, then be sure to correct it. The more you can practice proper posture you’re more aware of your unhealthy postures. If necessary, ask friends and relatives to alert you when you find yourself in the position described above, because if you manage to change you will feel almost immediate improvement!

In today’s hectic time of us less standing, walking and running. In the last 100 years, the human habits have changed faster than ever before.

However, our bodies are not sufficiently developed to bring all these changes in life. This can lead to discrepancies between appearance and physiological activity. The period spent under physical and psychological pressure caused by these discrepancies may develop physical problems and manifest in the form of stress.

Physical activity contributes to better circulation, stronger muscles, cardiovascular health and healthy lungs. Lack of exercise, poor posture and the low quality of the air in the room can be very harmful.

The average person who works in an office sits about 5-7 hours a day and moves only to the coffee machine, where he/she makes a quick dose of stimulants to start a little adrenalin in body. Also if you are overweight, then this complicates the problem even further. Breathing short, shallow breaths and the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are endangered.

Wrong breathing and posture explain many of the symptoms that occur when performing stressful job. It does not take long for man’s natural breathing rhythm to change to such an extent and then to cause unpleasant symptoms including anxiety, panic disorder or depression.

Improper posture, radiation from computer monitor, poor air quality or embedded air conditioning, lack of fresh air, central heating, drinking coffee, long working hours and angry boss are all the reasons why the epidemic spread of diseases is related to the performance of a stressful job.

To correct the posture, it is important to obtain a chair that will keep your back straight and try not to lean on the table in front. Physical activity maintains good circulation and extends the skeleton, muscles and other tissues and allows the body to breathe. Try to avoid coffee and tea in large quantities because they are both stimulants.

Make sure to get a sufficient amount of high-quality fresh air if you open the window or exit the building during breaks at work.

If you feel that you are under stress due to overcrowding work, discuss it with your boss or contact your union. You can also contact your doctor who may refer you to control stress counselor. Do not let yourself fall ill due to work overload.

If you need to take a vacation, then take it because stress may not be an option. You do not need to be stressed!

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