Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a sudden feeling of a very strong fear and discomfort that brings a series of psychological and somatic symptoms.

People experiencing a panic attack have a feeling that something horrible is going to happen, they are confident that they will immediately crash or will die on the spot, that they will lose control of themselves or that they will become insane and not know what they’ll be doing.

Panic attacks can last from 5 minutes to half an hour more rarely. When panic attack happens people think that they are physically in danger. Of course this fear is unrealistic, but people experience it very realistically.

For a person experiencing a panic attack, it’s really frightening event (especially the first panic attack), so it is no wonder that people think that something really bad is going to happen.

After a panic attack a person is very exhausted and confused, because the panic attack itself is very exhausting for the body.

What actually happens during a panic attack?

People having panic attack have their autonomic nervous system very easily activated with its “fight or flight” mechanism that nature has given us. Something similar to when you are in the jungle and a lion jumps in front of you, that moment would activate the “fight or flight” mechanism and you would start to flee or fight . This is what happens during a panic attack, just that you are not chased by the lion and there is no real danger.

What to do when you get panic attack?

I know exactly how the people feel when they experience a panic attack. I also know that such people are searching for the best possible solution to avoid getting a panic attack.

Here you can read some important advices on what to do when you befall a panic attack. Read these techniques and apply them as needed, they really work:

• Remind yourself that the panic attack is totally harmless! A panic attack will pass and you’ll be fine.

• Count backwards from 100 as fast as possible and repeat it .

• Splash your face with cold water! This stimulates your brain that the body sends a message to slow down.

• Listen to your favorite music loud and sing along with it.

• Solve math problems, or anything else that occupies the mind .

• Tell yourself that it’s just a feeling, that feeling has never hurt anyone.

• Watch funny videos on the TV and laugh out loud.

• Do not look in the mirror!

• Go to the fridge and eat some food.

• At night , get up out of bed , turn on the TV , have a drink , eat an apple , and thus divert the mind.

• Talk to someone, but do not talk about anxiety or panic attacks.

• Do something physical, if you can.

• Do not sit! Keep moving.

Remember, your goal is to occupy the mind with something else during a panic attack. Recognize that these are just thoughts and nothing else! Everything starts in your head and causes a panic attack .

You can use anything that will fully occupy the mind as sabotage tactics. Try to choose some activities that involve movement so that you improve breathing and circulation.
When you pass a panic attack and when you have time, read the article about how to stop panic attacks forever here.

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