How to Increase Self-Confidence

I will describe here some practical ways that should help you to drastically increase your self-confidence. I cannot tell you how important it is to work on raising your own self-confidence. If you think about it, you will see that the low self-confidence is one of the major causes of anxiety and panic attacks.

Okay, let’s just get to the point. Here are the few practical ways. Apply them all.

Ask yourself the following:

What is the worst possible outcome of the current situation?

We worry very often about some things that won’t even happen. We worry about them in advance. We need to redirect our energy towards some better and more creative things, for example, to create better relationships with other people, to improve our careers and so on.

Disarm the negative inner voice in your head! Negative thinking that you do daily constantly keeps your confidence at a low level. Imagine that you have a volume control (such as CD player with inner negative voice) and then reduce the volume to a minimum. It will enable you to practice not to take seriously all that inner voice tells you.

Imagine walking down the street and seeing an old man shouting a lot of negative stuff at you. Think of this old man as your inner voice. What would you do in that situation? Ignore the old man, right? Therefore do the same with those negative thoughts and laugh at them.

When you are doing something for the first time, imagine that you’ve already done it in the past. People are afraid of the new things so when they do something for the first time, they usually don’t have any success. Therefore trick your mind, close your eyes and imagine that you have successfully done this thing in the past. Experience the excitement that performed this task.

Put yourself in the center of attention. Try to focus on something that you can observe and study every day. The important thing is not to focus on you. Also, do not allow yourself to get bored because you will probably think about yourself. Instead, find something to do, something that will attract attention.

I do not get the negative criticism of others (and not you) for granted! Remember that people who have confidence are not perfect. No one is perfect! You may often think negative thoughts about yourself.

Realize that this only further destroys your self-image. When you start thinking negatively about yourself, realize that things are not so black, and it will not always be so bad. Things will change for the better. Believe me!

When you succeed at something, do not think you’re lucky, that it was an accident, and the like. Make sure to thank yourself that you succeeded at something because you have improved your skills and your talent. Begin to evaluate them and their quality! On the other hand, when you fail at something, do not make drama because of it, know that it is only temporary, and that if you learn something from it, you would certainly succeed in the future.

The above tips will surely help you to raise your self-esteem if you apply them from day to day. You can further customize them and their circumstances. Do not forget to be persistent and then success will follow!

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