How to beat Depression

Depression is nothing but a reaction of your body in the long-term emotional exhaustion.

A person who for months had a anxiety disorder or was in a state of constant anxiety and panic can easily bring himself/herself to the stage of depression.

You see, after each panic attack a person remains in a confused state, and each time becomes sad as it is happening. Often such a person asks:

“Why me, why exactly is this all happening to me?”

Of course, one never has the answers to these questions, and therefore becomes increasingly sadder and sadder. Such a pattern can settle down and repeat for months, even years.

This sadness and apathy that repeats brings a person into a state of depression. Depression can come suddenly or may come in waves before it fully develops in a person.

However, if you are depressed, I can assure you that you can get rid of it. Note that it does not matter how long you are depressed or how long you are in that anxious- depressive state . Your body is waiting for you to take appropriate action, take the initiative and solve the depression!

As with anxiety there is a “recipe” that you can manage and get rid of depression within one day. You will not get rid of depression within one day, but over time you will! You only need to work on, from day to day.

First of all, you should not identify yourself as depressed. YOU ARE NOT DEPRESSION! It’s just a passing stage that is currently affecting you and that will go. You should not think “I’m depressed, my depression” and stuff like that.

Second, you are depressed mainly because your thoughts are turned inward, i.e. towards your interior. Your thoughts are susceptible to excessive introspection, which is no good in this state.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that a depressed person is occupied with something during his/her recovery from depression! You need to think back and remind yourself of your interests, remind yourself of the things you enjoyed doing and to do them again. The main objective here is the transformation of your mind from the inside out.

It is of incredible importance to be occupied by something from the outside, some of your interests , not your internal state and introspection . This will be little difficult at first, but as the time goes by, it will be better and better!

I know exactly what the one hour looks like to a depressed person . One hour for a depressed person looks like an eternity, and that eternity was empty! And now imagine 24 hours for a depressed person who does nothing in terms of his/her recovery .

So once again, if you redirect to the outside, to interesting things around you, to the small beautiful things and pleasure, you will find that your one hour passes much faster than before. You will find that your day goes fast and then you can say that you are on the right track to get rid of depression.

During your recovery it is essential to have constant faith in a better tomorrow and constant self- reminder that depression is something present and something that is not permanent, and that depression is something that will pass. Be sure of that!

If you look closely, everything I have written here is very simple and easy thing, so really it is. Many people think that recovery from depression is a complex process. It’s not complicated, it’s very simple. The greatest truths in the world are very simple things!

A few reminders for the end:

No matter how long you have been depressed and no matter how intense the depression was you can get rid of depression.

Depression is only a temporary, passing phenomenon.

To cure depression it may be useful to use modern medicines called anti – depressants and talking to your psychiatrist or similar professional person is very helpful.

Create the habit as soon as you wake up in the morning, as soon as you open your eyes – I’ll get out of bed! Do not let yourself lying in bed long after you wake up .

Plan your day as best as you can. If you need , make a sheet of paper and make your daily plan – a list of activities that will be done that day. This is one of the most useful tools for combating depression. Make sure you fill in all the activities that are themselves mapped. If something is not completed, it does not matter, no one is perfect. What matters here is your desire to do something.

Once again, remind yourself that you are regularly just one step away from healing, your body is at all times ready to beat depression.

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