Probably the vast majority of people know what depression is, but many people still confuse depression with short-lived sadness and stuff like that.

Depression is a mental condition characterized by long-lasting feelings of depression, sadness, hopelessness, pessimism, discouragement, and a general state of profound emptiness.

Many people who have experienced depression say that they felt as if a black curtain was lowered onto the stage of their lives. Many in this depressed state believe that they do not deserve anything in life. The nonstop feeling of not being able to cope with other people, not even with themselves.

Motivation of the depressed person is at zero, his/her appetite is very weakened. Depressed person no longer finds pleasure in things that he/she formerly loved to do. Their self-esteem is very small.

Depression usually occurs for those people who for some time had panic attacks or long anxiety disorder. Depression affects a person’s entire life, and the way in which a person eats, sleeps, and thinks of himself/herself.

Keep in mind that depression is not the same as a passing sadness that you can catch from time to time.

Temporary sadness is a normal thing for all people. Please note that depression does not represent man’s weakness, and it cannot just magically disappear. People who are affected by depression cannot just say this is nothing and stop being depressed. It takes a lot of effort and work to get rid of depression.

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