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What Exactly is Claustrophobia

What Exactly is Claustrophobia

Do you wonder what exactly is claustrophobia? It is an anxiety disorder that is consisted of huge phobias and fears of being in a closed space or room unable to escape.

People with claustrophobia can get panic attacks by entering the closed spaces whether they are small or big.

Claustrophobia is actually one of the most common phobias. Even though it appears like you are having panic attacks with claustrophobia, this disorder is not actually a panic disorder.

Some people may get freed from claustrophobia without any treatment. Others may need some therapy to manage with their symptoms.

Small or big halls or arenas, elevators, cars, planes, trains, shopping malls, etc. are an example of the places that affect people with claustrophobia.

When people with claustrophobia enter those places, they would often check the exits and stay near them, stay near the door in a crowded party, etc. They would also use the stairs instead of elevators all the time.

This disorder can be treated similarly to the other anxiety disorders.

My philosophy on how to cure anxiety disorder also can apply here since it generally applies to all anxiety states. If you know what exactly is claustrophobia and if you think you have it then perhaps my article can help you.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a very good therapy to use for claustrophobia.

Other things people with claustrophobia can do to help themselves are:

  • Visualization and relaxation exercises
  • Observing others
  • Focusing on something that is safe
  • Breathing deeply and slowly

Having traumatic childhood is often the cause of claustrophobia. However some people theorize that it could also be genetic. It could be because a family member has it.

Also being bullied as a child or trapped in some place for some time can be the cause of claustrophobia.

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