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What Exactly is Anxiety Disorder

What Exactly is Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Even though many people in the world suffer from this a lot of people don’t know what exactly is anxiety disorder. I will explain it plainly.

Anxiety disorder is a state of inner disturbance, a fear that something horrible is going to happen and inner unrest.

The person usually has a feeling that they will “explode”. They feel that they will lose control or that something horrible is going to happen to them.

Anxious person is always in state of “preparedness”.

Anxious person is always on the alert and thinks that some danger is approaching them.

In these people autonomic nervous system gets easier activated than in the rest of people. It is not surprising that anxious person gets afraid of sudden sound, which causes for them to get a number of symptoms (racing heart, sweating etc…).

People that are anxious have a false belief that life is dangerous and that they have to protect themselves from some danger (that doesn’t exist), that they need to protect themselves physically (getting ready to fight, anxiety disorder leads to many body symptoms) or emotionally to withdraw (depression which leads to sadness, emptiness etc.).

Life is not dangerous. Life is good, beautiful and enjoyable.

Stress is the main cause for many health problems.

Anxiety disorder and panic attacks are the result of accumulated stress in a life of the individual. Stress is what exactly is causing anxiety disorder.

That’s why it’s important that during your work to get cured your most important thing you’d need to be doing is avoiding stress situations.

During a period of a strong stress, the mind wants to deal with it, while possible physical and psychic consequences appear later when the person gets relaxed.

That’s why it’s the most important to stay calm in every moment. If that becomes your habit, you will easier and calmer deal with stressed situations in the future.

When we are calm, our confidence grows, because that’s only possible when we are calm and firm.

It’s totally not a coincidence that the people’s confidence suddenly falls when panic attacks happen to them. The work on raising your confidence is priceless.

Read my philosophy on how to cure anxiety disorder.

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