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Natural Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Natural Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

I am going to present you my philosophy for natural treatment of anxiety disorder. This information will be of value to you if you want to beat anxiety.

I know that anxious people are nervous and often don’t have the patience to read the article in the paper, let alone anything more.

However I think this article won’t be a problem to read because it’s about your cure. Maybe “cure” is not the best term for something like this, because none of you is ill, it is only a disorder and a disorder can be corrected.

Remember you are not ill!

First we note that there are no “shortcuts” or “secrets” that you can tell others or try to sell concerning your curing of anxiety. Do not fall for “quick ways” to heal. Your anxiety disorder will not be able to go away overnight.

Your curing of anxiety consists of three steps (this also can be applied to all of anxiety states):

  1. Accepting symptoms
  2. Surrendering to symptoms
  3. Let the time do the job

Since this applies to all anxiety states then this can also be natural treatment for social anxiety disorder.

I will explain each of these steps.

1) Accepting symptoms

Identify the symptoms and deal with the current situation. Everything is clear.

You know very well that you have the symptoms, recognize them and adopt them in your mind, know that they are there and will be there for a while (this is not a bad thing).

Fully accept these symptoms. Be willing to accept and live with these symptoms for a while. Accept these symptoms as something that will be with you for a certain time. But also as something that will pass after a while, be sure of that!

But do not make the mistake and think that your symptoms will go as soon as you accept them . Your nerves are still too sensitive. It will take some time to reduce the sensitivity.

It should be understood that all the symptoms are in fact a reflection of our current mood.

However, you must realize that it will take some time for your body to adopt your acceptance of symptoms, so you should make peace with the fact that your body will probably initially continue to behave according to your previous mood which dominated the fear, tension, etc…

You need absolute and true acceptance of what is happening.

Remember, it took time for your fear and tension to take over your body and become your “normal” state.

It will also take some time for your body to adopt a new mood as “normal”.

Because time is your good friend. But while waiting for time to pass, the background must be absolute and true acceptance of what is happening.

If your hands are sweating, let them sweat! If your hands are shaking, accept it, and do not try to change anything! Your heart is pounding? Let the pounding. Accept these symptoms completely, something that is currently a part of you.

This is very important: No matter how daunting your symptoms are, do not try to fight them, you will not win. Accept them, do not fight.

True acceptance means accepting your symptoms (whatever they are) without giving attention to them.

Initially, this will all seem like a very difficult and almost impossible thing to do. You may have a moment where you accept the symptoms, the next you can not … Do not let this bother you, it’s quite normal.

All that you are required is to be prepared to function for a certain time with these symptoms, while they do their own, without giving attention to them.

2) Surrendering to symptoms

Surrendering is as important as the acceptance.

It means that you should stop analyzing what is happening to you, you should stop giving attention to your symptoms.

You simply need to give up the battle and stop caring about what you need to do regarding your symptoms. There is no need to look at your symptoms as some challenges that need to be overcome.

If your body is trembling, let it tremble. Do not feel the need to have to do something to stop the trembling. Do not try to “look normal”. Don’t attempt to forcibly relax. Simply let the thought of relaxation be in your mind.

Here is a simple philosophy – take it easy. In other words, do not be upset if you are under tension and cannot relax.

When you are ready to accept your tension, that relaxes your mind and relaxing of the body comes some time later.

You may desperately yearn for relaxation. Relaxation comes by itself. Let your body itself find its way to relaxation, so without your control or influence. Work on this every day. Success has to happen.

The relief you feel after the “surrender of battle” and the realization that in fact there does not exist any battle except the one you create by yourself in your mind, it can bring you a surprising inner peace for which you have forgotten that there is within you.

Anxiety symptoms are just an illusion and the best way to beat them is to not care about them.

3) Let the time do the job

This is quite clear. It will take some time for you to be well again.

Do not measure your progress from day to day, but rest assured that you will in the near future be good.

Be prepared to spend some time traveling downhill and uphill. Looking ahead with firm confidence is a big help. It allows you to smoothly pass by yesterday, today and tomorrow … all the way to recovery.

Remember, during recovery, your primary direction is forward and upward.

Time is your best friend. Natural treatment for anxiety disorder is achieved with time. Time will beat your anxiety!

My philosophy was greatly inspired by the book Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Claire Weekes. I suggest you to read this book. It will definitely help you.

You should also read about when you will feel better.

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